Novice/Advanced Workshops

Through the spring and summer we run specific workshops and general workshops, these are advertised on our facebook page

These sessions include the following:

'Getting back on track' retriever workshop - designed to tidy up dogs that may have become a bit unruly through the shooting season

 'If you go down to the woods today' workshop - used for hunting spaniels and retrievers, specifically working on sending in/out of woods.

'Water work' workshop - retrieving from and over water'

'Swap shop' workshop - a training session designed to stop dogs swapping game 

'Ditching it' - retrieving in and over ditches

'Get into the beet' - training session in sugar beet (July/August)

'We're going on a snipe hunt' - training on our marsh ground 

If you would like to book your own group in for a workshop with us, then please contact us.