Spectrum Training

Over the years we have been training dogs, we have developed a way of training that has suited our clients, their dogs and our own dogs. We use a method known as 'Spectrum Training', which is a praise based method, but looks at how we can make what we want from our dogs clear to them, in a way they can understand.

We have two ends to the spectrum which help the dog to understand 'right' from 'wrong' without putting the dog in to a situation, where it becomes confused and this method stops the handler from resorting to the default of 'telling off'.

'Spectrum Training' can be used throughout the training lifetime of a dog, and one example we use specifically with clients is based around heelwork. Being able to give your dog a clear understanding of how you would like them to walk to heel and the position you would like them to walk in, can be made clear to your dog through 'Spectrum Training', creating a desired response. 

The worst place for a dog to be, is in the middle of the spectrum, being confused and not understanding what is required of them, or what the handler is trying to teach them.

Unfortunately when a dog is in the middle of the spectrum, it can be seen as 'not listening' rather than confused, creating a negative reaction from the handler.

The ethos behind 'Spectrum Training' is to keep training simple and clear, so your dog understands exactly what you want from it, and it responds in the desired manner, so we create a trust and bond between handler and dog.