Meet the Team

Julian Williams

Founder of Caulaincourt Gundogs and Training, and runs the novice/advanced classes. A big advocate of fieldsports, enjoying all types of shooting, conservation, and competes in working tests and field trials. Works regulary on small to large shoots picking up approximately 75 days a season.

Louisa Williams

Louisa trains the retriever breeds up until they approximately 9 months, she is also in charge of administration, merchandise, breeding, litters and matings. She excels in caring for pregnant bitches and the puppies they produce. Louisa also keeps us all fed well on training days with delicious cake! 

Sylvie Smith

Sylvie has recently joined the Caulaincourt Team to take charge of the puppy/beginner and intermediate classes. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience in dog training. 

One of Sylvie's shooting pastimes is Wildfowling which regularly takes her up to Scotland.

Neil Bracey

Neil is our newest trainer to join the team. He is a firm believer in building a strong bond with your dog and thoroughly enjoys seeing the results from regular training.

Neil works goes picking up during the shooting season, and pigeon shoots all year round. He is proud of what can be achieved, and it goes to show the benefits of training for both the handler and the dog.

He loves working outdoors and spending time in the countryside and get so much satisfaction in seeing others achieve the same results as he does with his dogs. 


The Caulaincourt Gundogs Team is also available for Gundog Demonstrations and Visits. Please contact us to discuss details.