FTW Bellspaddle Draig 

Hugo is a very kind biddable dog, an excellent game finder, who is healthy and strong.

FTW Bellspaddle Gamble

Walter is lovely reliable dog who has done well for me at tests and trials, he has become an essential member of my picking up team 

FTW Mossbury Alder of Caulaincourt

Stanley is the first dog I field trialled, we really learnt a lot together, he is a dog I could not be without when picking up, prepared to work tirelessly all day long. 

Bellspaddle Cariad of Caulaincourt

Nancy is our young bitch who is showing great promise. She is a joy in training and we has been fully health tested. She will be part of breeding of excellence program at Caulaincourt Gundogs.


Mustardhill Myrtus 

Myrtle is one of our future potentials for field triallng, a lovely girl that is absolutely full of drive and natural ability. 


Tempurong Honeysuckle 

Our newest retriever recruit Edna, she is very confident and loves to be in the training paddock.