About Us

I grew up in the beautiful Welsh countryside and always had an affinity with field sports and I was always outdoors either fishing, rabbiting or shooting.

My love of the countryside and it's sports I believe has come from my Grandfather, he was a keen shooting and dog man.

Shooting and Gundogs really are a family affair with us, and truly is a way of life we all thoroughly enjoy.

I am working tirelessly to perform at a high level with my dogs and aim to produce retrievers and spaniels of good temperament, kind, healthy and biddable so they can be enjoyed by anyone in the field sports fraternity. 

We shoot over all our dogs, they are used for numuorous aspects of the sport, such as walked up shooting, picking up, on the peg, pigeon shooting, duck shooting and wildfowling.

I am a committee member for the Cambridgeshire Field Trial Society. 


‘WELL I AM THRILLED!!! Hope you are too even tho she is not your dog - you have worked wonders on us both so lets hope we can keep it up!! It was really rewarding to see her going out so well and responding and clearly enjoying it.'
THANK YOU.’    B. Diggins.

'Nice training days for both young and advanced dogs in lovely surroundings. Challenging and instructive exercises adapted to both dogs and handlers level and a very tasteful lunch. I highly recommend Julian as a gundog trainer'. 

Gunni Buttner Widstrand (Swedish Client)